MANUTECH is a scientific and technical center of excellence on engineering domains and surfaces functionalization. This center is born of an initiative between 4 academic structures and 2 private ones to build a place of excellence in Rhône-Alpes on Surfaces and Interfaces Sciences and Engineering and has been concretized by:

MANUTECH represents nowadays:

  • More than 300 research staff and 4.9M€ in funding from National Research Agency (ANR)
  • 5 M€ of additional funding through the projects dynamics
  • A dedicated platform for industrial transfers – 4.9M€ in funding

MANUTECH is a multidisciplinary project in the context of a federation of skills, recognized and historically present in the territory of the University of Lyon, in the fields of Advances Materials and Surface Engineering, of Optics-Photonics and of Advanced Manufacturing and Processing.

MANUTECH community is able to define the solution for bringing a feature to a surface or a system and to define the appropriate industrial and economical processes.

MANUTECH define and activate surfaces.